If you ever have any questions in regard to your hosting account or if you experience a problem with your websites, you will need to touch base with the web hosting provider’s client support team. It may not make a difference how quickly they will answer when you have an inquiry of a generic nature, but a problem such as a mishandled application update, for instance, may result in your site becoming broken or unavailable on the World Wide Web. And the longer you wait for the support team to lend you a hand, the longer the site will be offline. If you offer services or goods online, any downtime will influence your website in a negative way and you can lose existing or prospective clients. Lots of hosting providers, predominantly resellers, handle e-mails and tickets within twenty four hours, but in the electronic age that is much too long, as visitors will scarcely ever revisit a website that is not working correctly for a long interval.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Website Hosting

Our Linux website hosting packages come bundled with a sixty-minute reply guarantee, which suggests that regardless of what question or issue you might have, we’ll always be there to assist you. In fact, it seldom takes more than 30 minutes to get a problem resolved or a query answered, and this is valid for both pre-sales and technical matters. Our technical support staff reps will be at your disposal 24-7, even on weekends and official holidays, which goes to say that you’ll obtain swift assistance at any time. We are aware of exactly how costly time can be, so by the time we answer your email or ticket, we will have explored the issue and, if we haven’t sorted it out, we’ll provide you with more information about what you need to do on your end – if the circumstances demand it. With our support services, you can rest assured that there will be someone to help you straight away, no matter what time of day or night it is.